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Store. Sync. Share Files.

Access to an unlimited amount of storage that you can access anywhere from any web-enabled device

Unlimited Storage

Access to unlimited storage or pay for only the storage you need and easily scale up or down as your business fluctuates.

Sync Files Automatically

With a designated folder on your computer you can automatically sync files without having to do it manually.

View Different Formats

View over 40 popular file formats, including videos, images, documents, spreadsheets and PDF’s without having to install the right software.


You decide with whom and when to share files. Grant permission to download, edit, comment or view.

App Integration

Hundreds of third-party apps available to integrate for e-signatures, mockups, smartsheets for project management and more to get things done all in one place.

Access Anywhere

Easily and securely access all of your stored files from anywhere in the world from any web-enabled device.

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