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IT is being re-invented and cloud is becoming the norm. At Anube, we are maximizing the value of cloud for your business


Anube Solutions is a cloud services provider that is partnered with the industry leaders in cloud technology. We strive to give our clients the best customer services experience and continue to raise the bar. Our team has over 20 years combined experience in Information Technology and are well versed in all of our products. We work closely with our partners to provide current training to our employees so they can better serve our clients. Best of all we are all based here in the U.S.A.

Cloud Experts

With the rapidly increasing growth of cloud adoption, cloud expertise is quickly becoming a high priority. IT is being re-invented and IT professionals need to retrain. We are ahead of the game and we can help get you there too.

Knowledgeable IT

Stop draining your resources, money and valuable time on outdated, break-fix, IT management that isn't working. With our knowledgeable IT experts, your technology will operate efficiently so that you can work effectively and focus on your business.

Support Specialists

Our friendly support specialists will provide stress-free and efficient solutions for your business. Our #1 priority is top-notch customer service and support, we want you to be 100% satisfied with the quality of service and solutions we provide.

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Cloud solutions are innovating the way we collaborate, communicate and do business overall. It is the next big thing in technology for your business and it is positively impacting almost every aspect of business processes for those already taking advantage of the rapidly growing cloud industry. We are here to clear up any questions you may have and to share the genius and innovation of cloud services and the solutions they provide for your business to increase efficiency, boost productivity and increase your bottom line.

Cloud Computing

What is cloud computing? The "cloud" or "cloud computing" are tech-industry terms for storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer's hard drive. Instead of storing or backing up your business documents to external hard drives or flash drives, cloud backup send your data to a secure, offsite storage facility.

Cloud Services

What are cloud services? Cloud service is used to build cloud applications using the server in a network through the internet. It provides the facility of using the cloud application without installing it on the computer. It also reduces the maintenance and support of the application which are developed using cloud service.

Cloud Outsourcing

What can be outsourced to the cloud? Most small businesses use the cloud for data backup (including both short-term storage and long-term archiving), but application-based operations can also be outsourced to the cloud, reducing licensing and other fees associated with traditional software. This also allows for more flexibility and accessibility.

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+ Apps/Collaboration - Apps/Collaboration

Problem | Document control can be quite messy, unorganized and even costly if you purchase a document control management system. Now what if you wanted to send one of those documents to someone else? Sending files through email is not always convenient nor is it the fastest or easiest way to share a file. What about being able to access said documents/files while you're away from the office? Not an easy task.

Cloud Solution | Complete document control. Upload files, edit them online, create new documents, real-time collaboration, easy file sharing and export your finished product to any standard file format. All in a centralized location that can be accessed from anywhere and from any web-enabled device.

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+ Infrastructure - Infrastructure

Problem | On-premise file servers take up too many resources, it requires a specialty team for maintenance, it's costly to purchase and maintain, not too mention it takes up valuable office space, increases your power bill and carbon footprint.

Cloud Solution | Eliminate hardware. Replace your dependency on unnecessary expensive hardware by migrating to the cloud, reduce the resources required, reduce maintenance bills and help the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. You also have access to the same power house machines as the big guys, which would otherwise cost a fortune, all at a fraction of the cost.

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+ Storage - Storage

Problem | Finding enough storage to securely hold all of your critical business data can be a real challenge. Investing in larger hard drives or external storage devices can become expensive and not always the most secure or reliable solution. Some might even delete entire folders of information in order to make space for new information, this can lead to lost data that can never be recovered.

Cloud Solution | Unlimited Storage Capacity. Safe, reliable and scalable storage capacity for your growing business. Store your files, access and retrieve them from any device with a web-enabled interface. Plus, only pay for the storage you are using and no more worrying about daily maintenance of the storage infrastructure.

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+ Security - Security

Problem | CEO fraud, denial of service attacks and malicious software can all be a threat to your business without proper protection. Many businesses are not prepared to handle a cyber breach or underestimate the magnitude of the impact an attack can have on their business.

Cloud Solution | Endpoint Malware Protection. Keep up with today's threats and attacks and protect your business data from hackers preying on the woefully unprepared. The key to protection against cyberattacks is threat prevention and with endpoint protection, malware detection occurs continuously in real-time and is always up to date.

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+ Backup/Recovery - Backup/Recovery

Problem | Many businesses have difficulty recovering after a catastrophic event, some fail to recover at all and others shutdown 1 or 2 years after the disaster occurs. Earthquakes, fires, heavy rain, power outages, even as small an issue as an erroneous deletion. If not prepared, a business can suffer greatly in any negative situation.

Cloud Solution | Backup & Disaster Recovery. Immediate response to a disaster is undeniably important but the importance of long-term business survival is almost as great and protecting your company's data is critical to business continuity. With a backup & disaster recovery plan you can minimize the impact of a disaster and be back up and running in no time.

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+ Phone Systems - Phone Systems

Problem | Outdated, complex and unreliable communications solutions. Maintaining an outdated copper-wire PBX system can require heavy and costly maintenance. If you have multiple locations this can be a major challenge and it is not easy to keep the pace with your expanding company.

Cloud Solution | Modern business communications. Cloud communications can provide a secure, reliable and high-quality service with a lot more features. Streamline day-to-day business functions and save significant time and costs all in one uniform communications platform.

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+ Digital Signage - Digital Signage

Problem | In today's world everyone expects beautiful, captivating and attractive atmospheres. Building brand awareness, delivering information and increasing operational efficiency is a much bigger challenge when you do not embrace technology in this digital age.

Cloud Solution | Powerful digital advertising. Impact, impress and engage your audience through beautiful and persuasive digital advertising at a fraction of the cost. Digital signage is now recognised as a necessity in many aspects of business and can be highly effective in various ways. Break through the noise and clutter of the competitive marketplace and give your business an edge.

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